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Clogged Drains

Clogged Drain Repair in Phoenix, AZ

No homeowner is exempt from the frustrations of a clogged drain. They often happen without notice and can occur frequently, especially if you have an older home. When you have a particularly tough clog, contact the team at NexLvl Services.

Our drain cleaning and clog removal services can get your drain pipes flowing smoothly again, and we offer plumbing services throughout the Phoenix area. With over 30 years of experience, great reviews, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on us for all your plumbing, drain, and sewer needs.

Eliminate stubborn clogs with help from NexLvl Services. Contact us today for an appointment anywhere in the Phoenix area.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

With time, grease, hair, paper products, waste, and other debris can accumulate inside drain pipes. This buildup can harden and become difficult to remove. Clogs can happen when large amounts of food or paper products enter the drain system, or when the plumbing vents get clogged, preventing air from replacing the water as waste flows down the drain.

DIY Methods To Remove Clogs

When you discover a clog in your Phoenix home, there are a few DIY methods you can try before calling a professional. Plungers work well for most clogs. Use smaller plungers for sinks or bathtubs and larger plungers for toilets.

Hot water mixed with baking soda can also help loosen clogs. Avoid chemical drain cleaners, as they can damage your drain pipes with frequent use and can be dangerous for children and pets.

Have your DIY clog removal methods failed? Contact NexLvl Services for help. We offer drain cleaning services throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Why Call a Professional for Drain Cleaning?

Tough or recurring clogs should always be handled by a professional plumber, such as our team at NexLvl Services. We have the tools and equipment to remove clogs easily without damaging your drain pipes and video camera pipe inspection systems to determine why serious or recurring clogs are happening.

We offer drain cleaning and hydro jetting services to clear even your most stubborn clogs. If we find that the clogs are a result of damage in your main sewer line, you can rely on us for sewer repair services, too.

Schedule drain cleaning services in Phoenix or the surrounding areas today by contacting our team.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs

The best way to prevent drain clogs is to be cautious about what you put down the drains. When you're cooking, set aside cooking grease or oil to cool and throw it away in the garbage instead of washing it down the drain.

Install baskets or strainers in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs, and showers to catch debris like food particles, hair, skin cells, and more. Finally, only flush waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Other materials like paper towels, tissues, baby wipes, "flushable" wipes, hygiene products, or foreign objects can cause clogs.

Why Choose NexLvl Services for Drain Cleaning in Phoenix?

Since 1988, NexLvl Services has served Phoenix and the surrounding areas, and in that time, we've earned the trust and respect of over 3,500 homeowners and businesses. We offer exceptional quality, service, and value, and all our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

When you need an honest, reliable plumber you can count on for all your home plumbing needs, choose NexLvl Services.

Call us today or contact us online for same-day drain cleaning and clog removal in the Phoenix area.

Drain Cleaning FAQ

Do enzymatic cleaners work to remove clogs?
Enzymatic cleaners use natural enzymes to break down grease and solids that accumulate in your drain pipes. They work well, but they take time to do their job effectively. They aren't ideal for acute clogs and are best used as a preventative measure.
How can drain cleaning prevent clogs?
Periodic drain cleaning or hydro jetting services can remove grease and solids from inside your drain pipes, leaving them flowing like new. We recommend scheduling drain cleaning as a preventive measure every year.
What causes vent clogs?
The most common causes of blockages in plumbing vents are nesting animals like birds or squirrels, though debris from trees can also find its way into plumbing vents. Make sure all your vents are protected with screen caps and have them cleaned annually.

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