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Camera Inspection

What do sewer line inspection cameras do?

Most homeowners are well aware of the signs of a blocked sewer line: slow drain, constant clogging, and foul-smelling odors. What most homeowners are not well aware of, is what to do about it. Our team at NexLvl Services has your answer: call us! We make sewer line repairs a breeze with our professional sewer camera inspections. The results of this visual inspection can assist in pinpointing specific issues within the sewer system itself. 

A sewer line inspection camera is basically a long, robotic snake with a tiny camera at the end. It allows plumbers to have a real-time look at what’s going on in your pipes. Because of the camera’s ability to bend and twist around the curves of your pipes, plumbers are able to locate and diagnose problems that they could have only guessed at without the camera.

How does the camera work?

One of our experts at NexLvl Services will insert the flexible rod holding the camera into the offending drain or pipe so that the camera can broadcast everything to a small screen for the plumber to see. Bright LED lights are attached to the rod, allowing the camera to see even in the darkest of places. They will record the entire process so they can go back and locate the issue when they repair it.

What type of problems can the camera find?

The most common problems our professionals find with the sewer line camera are:
Pipe Issues – over time, pipes can shift at odd angles, making them vulnerable to cracks or misalignment
Tree Roots – tree roots can sometimes grow into a sewer line
Corrosion – modern pipes are made from PVC and are not likely to experience corrosion, but older metal pipes are prone to it.
Blockages – there are countless ways that a pipe can become blocked; using a camera can locate exactly where that blockage is to make it easier to remove.
Leaks – cameras also can find leaks in pipes, making repairs faster and easier to undertake.

Using Modern Technology To Efficiently and Effectively Solve Your Plumbing Issues.

Depending on your situation, a sewer camera inspection alone may not be adequate in finding potential problems. And it is not at all adequate if it’s leaks they are looking for.

The most important thing to know is if a plumbing company does a leak location test with a camera as the only or primary tool, it’s very possible you’re being told there are leaks when there are none. If that’s the case, you could end up paying for repairs you don’t need.

If you suspect a plumber told you, you need a leak repair when you don’t, please give us a call at (602) 805-4415. We’re happy to come out and do the proper testing for your system.

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